Organic Conversion Funnels

Our owner is Joshua Smith who has been at this game for almost 10 years.

Traffic Metrics primarily builds traffic-heavy websites with high engagement with our readers.

This high-quality content generates organic traffic and conversions, leading to a stronger customer lifetime value.

Compare this to expensive PPC campaigns and we easily come out in front through playing the long game.

Male hand drawing SEO sketch on blurry interior background. Analysis concept

Previously known as Traffic Theory, here at Traffic Metrics we have positioned ourself as one of Australia’s #1 referral marketing companies.

We now own a portfolio of attention-rich websites across Australia, the UK and the United States.

We monetize mainly through:

  1. Affiliate marketing as we refer traffic to global marketplaces.
  2. Quality lead generation for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  3. Client work including content generation and high DR backlinks.

We share more details about client work on our services page.